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Kaws on the Farm 2013 NE ZRXOA Rally

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The 7th annual Kaws on the Farm ZRXOA Rally will be held
Saturday, July 27 thru Sunday, August 4th, 2013.

Hootin' and hollerin', wicking up bikes, chowing scrumptious, real, North East BBQ, and, not to say the least, exploring the best biking roads in Central NY.

This year we're gonna be back at The Eagle's Nest, our new place across from Rosie's on Erieville lake.  And Rosie's is open now!  But the name's been changed to "The Blue Canoe".  We'll just call it Rosie's.
'Wheelers, pit bikes, dirt bikes will all be welcome.  And, same as years prior, feel free to come early to "help set up". 

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Any questions or comments, please email
or call JBoz at (315) 430-7298
Follow the signs!